Computer Laboratories

  • Well-settled computer laboratories with about 600 Intel i5/i7/DulaCore systems with multimedia facilities and a bunch of software.
  • Interconnected through Optical Fibre  with HCL Xeon server  with Red-hat/ Windows 2008 Server operating system.
  • Windows 10/8/7/XP,  Linux Operating systems.
  • 10Mbps OFC  and 8 Mbps Broadband Internet connectivity.
  • Well-equipped Computer Hardware lab.

Electronics & Communication Lab

  • Communication Lab : Set with PCs, DSP kits, spectrum Analysers and Optical fibre trainers.
  • Advanced Microprocessor Lab : Intel 8086 kits, MASM software package, interfacing cards and PCs to do advanced microprocessor experiments.
  • Digital & Microprocessor Lab : Digital trainer kits and ICs to fulfill the requirements of the syllabus.
  • Electronics Circuits Lab : Sufficient number of CROs , function generators and power supplies.
  • DSP Lab : Sufficient number of PCs each with DSP kits, required software and interfacing cards. LAN is also provided.

Electronics & Instrumentation Lab

  • Processor Control Lab : A well set lab which contains various industrial type process control equipments like level, pressure, temperature and flow control stations. Students are exposed to various control algorithms.
  • Instrumentation Lab : The students are exposed to almost all types of measurement and control experiments. Some of the features are A/D and D/A converter signal conditioners, various types of filters and transducers.

Electrical Machines Lab

  • Well set with several AC & DC motors, transformers working on 3-phase and single phase supply. This lab having a separate DC generator with the capacity of 18.5 HP, 220 V.
  • With little mordernisation this can be used as center for testing electrical equipments.
  • Electrical workshop : for giving practical classes for the students in different types of electrical wiring systems.
  • Mechanical workshop : The mechanical workshop wich imparts basic training to all branches of Engineering comprises of the following sections.
    • Fitting section
    • Carpentry section
    • Sheet metal section
    • Welding section